Amira’s Teachers

Learn with the best trainer for you personally

We select our team of trainers very carefully and put a great deal of time and energy into recruitment.

Firstly, the school looks for a Master’s qualification in a relevant subject and at least five years experience teaching their mother tongue.

Teachers have at least two interviews and a difficult grammar test before they are recruited.
We select teachers who are all round, dedicated professionals: creative, friendly, resourceful, enthusiastic, who articulate in a clear voice and with a very high ability to communicate their own language ; plus, the school looks for in depth knowledge of the culture.

Secondly, whatever their previous background, the school mentors and orients new teachers intensively in their first months at the school.

They participate in the excellent professional ambiance of the school and then bring their own contribution to make it an even more enjoyable, productive place for teachers and students.

With this frame of support and with their own dedicated motivation, they respond to your educational needs - help you develop your skills in the way that you need.

When you take private lessons, cultural immersion programmes or you book several students together for your own group, the school matches carefully your requirements and proposes the best trainer for you personally.

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