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Learn with the best trainer for you personally

We select our team of trainers very carefully and put a great deal of time and energy into recruitment.

Firstly, the school looks for a Master’s qualification in a relevant subject and at least five years experience teaching their mother tongue.

Teachers have at least two interviews and a difficult grammar test before they are recruited.
We select teachers who are all round, dedicated professionals: creative, friendly, resourceful, enthusiastic, who articulate in a clear voice and with a very high ability to communicate their own language ; plus, the school looks for in depth knowledge of the culture.

Secondly, whatever their previous background, the school mentors and orients new teachers intensively in their first months at the school.

They participate in the excellent professional ambiance of the school and then bring their own contribution to make it an even more enjoyable, productive place for teachers and students.

With this frame of support and with their own dedicated motivation, they respond to your educational needs - help you develop your skills in the way that you need.

When you take private lessons, cultural immersion programmes or you book several students together for your own group, the school matches carefully your requirements and proposes the best trainer for you personally.

Some feedbacks about the teachers given by students in online courses during the Covid confinement:

S       She is a dedicated and knowledgable teacher with an ability to present everything in a clear and interesting manner.

·         I am satisfied with her lessons and her way to engage with the whole class and deliver activities. She’s a really good teacher!

·         She is really good! She repeats whatever we are struggling, and explain very clearly and many tips. Also, she encourages us very naturally! Very professional!

·         As I have mentioned,  my prof ensures that she will not jump into a next number in the exercise if we have not pronounced a word correctly or if we make a mistake. It reflects her dedication and unrelenting passion to teaching. She uses very easy words and relevant examples to relate to us. Repetition works well for a type of student like me. She focuses on repeating the words even if we don't know what it means. I feel like even if we are studying grade 1 French class, she interacts with us with maturity. Thank you professor! :)

·         I've already wrote something about her in one of the comments before, but I can repeat: she is very engaging and I really like her teaching approach

·         A very good teacher

·         She is very creative and always tries to make the courses interesting. She did her best, even under these conditions to make the classes interactive. I was a bit hesitant to participate in the online classes because normally it does not work for me, as I had tried it in the past. I must admit that my experience here was different as she presented the class and engaged everyone just as if we were physically present in the class. In these circumstances, everyone has to adapt, the online courses were absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of everyone so I think that everyone should appreciate the effort that she put into the classes. It was not just "doing my job", she actually cared to know if the structure works for us.

·         good teacher.

·         She's super!

·         Ma professeure rend les cours agréables et je pense que j'ai appris beacoup de francais pendant 5 mois.

·         The teacher easily explained the lessons and was very helpful in assisting students. However, the shortcoming of on line class is the sheer amount of materials to be printed. I ran out of printing ink during the course. I would suggest to print the material course in advance even if I have to pay for the booklet. It becomes cheaper than printing on my own.

·         She is a good teacher that explain things really good. This is the 3rd course I've had with her.

·         I think she is doing a good job with the online courses

·         Involved and creative - I feel comfortable during lessons

·         I will miss you

·         She is wonderful and is cheerful and motivated to do her best despite the circumstances. I miss seeing her in person because she has the special quality of drawing you in to the discussion and helping you to find the words and feel like you contributed. It is much harder to have this interaction online.

·         She was extremely good: kind, well prepared and always ready to help

·         She is a really good teacher. I am lucky to have her for my basic french course. She pays lot of attention to the pronunciation and use of correct grammer. She also clarifies doubt with multiple examples. The best thing I like is her way of teaching with actions (as it is difficult to understand french in the basic course). Best wishes to her.

·         Our teachers are wonderful, but unfortunately half of my colleagues had a low level. This has a negative impact in the learning process, even more online.

·         She was amazing

·         She's amazing!

·         She's very friendly and gently demanding. Encourages interaction and practice which I like a lot.

·         He is a very good teacher, he always finds interesting topics and do very interesting advanced grammar topics, I really appreciate him as teacher and I would like to continue my classes with him as possible in the future

·         She is friendly, thoughtful and helpful. Very attentive to the correct pronunciation of words, which is very good

·         As wrote in the previous course, I really appreciate her teaching approach and she is always available to explain everything, to answer to all the questions and also to some doubts sent by email!

·         She was one of the best teachers I had. Very attentive and smart about planning the class. She was perfect.

·         She is a very good teacher . She is very dedicated to her job .

·         Great experience ! My teachers was as friendly she was professional. She managed online lessons very well, she taught us Dutch with many different ressources (even more with the opportunity to teach online : links, vidéos, articles, games, ...) and she made sure to involve us all in the lesson. There was a great atmosphere in the group so it was fun and very effective to learn Dutch.

·         She is doing an amazing job! She brings a lot of energy into the class and makes the impression that she really enjoys teaching. Online classes could be dry, but with a teacher like her it is not at all. She is great!

·         Elle a été exceptionnelle avec nous, les cours ont été très bien préparés, très bien donnés, j'ai énormément appris grâce à elle et c'est la première fois de ma vie que j'ai pu réaliser grâce à elle un aussi beau CV et une aussi belle lettre de motivation.

·         She was always on time, the class was always well planned, there was a lot of interaction, she made a good mix of oral and written practice, good amount of homework, multimedia included, very lively

·         Very good and enhancing teacher

·         She is an excellent teacher. I say this as an educator myself, she is patient, dynamic, and engaging. Those are the qualities I look for in someone guiding a classroom, whether it be online or in person. She makes the coursework relevant to those of learning French for day-to-day interactions. She has actually inspired me to continue my French course work beyond Amira as my partner and I transition to his next work location, I will seek out more French language lessons. I think I would like to stay with Amira, but I imagine the time difference will be very difficult for me. I think Amira is lucky to have her on their teaching faculty and I hope she continues to grow as a teacher!

·         My teachers are super nice and they try to keep the motivation in the lesson all the time. - I forgot to say before that I believe courses should be cheaper in online platforms since we are clearly not working in our pronunciation, or at least you should send by post the material that is included.

·         I have the highest respect for her teaching and organisational skills. I can only imagine how challenging it must be at times to teach a higher language level but she does it effortlessly. Every lesson sparks joy for me and I appreciate her positive and kind personality.

·         Very good teacher. Lessons are well-structured and interesting. Pace and content are good.

·         She is nice, energetic and gives a good drive in the lessons. Tries her best to teach us beginners

·         Very good

·         Very professional and very good explanation.

·         very nice teacher, she is very professional, always on time and she makes the class interesting

·         Very happy with her.

·         Very motivated and knowledgeable teacher who keeps students engaged all the time.

·         In some cases the lessons were a bite structureless and very general.

·         I liked her a lot.

·         She seems like a smart and capable teacher.

·         She is great as a teacher! I think she suits this job perfectly as it is very important for teacher to be proactive , dynamic, creative and she combines everything listed! I'm happy to be a part of her class. Also I like this small point: if one of students doesn't know the definition of a word, she explains it in French (!) , without translation to English. This is a small detail, but really it's important.

·         A very good teacher, creative and patient

·         He's very good

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